My pict is in my profile, but I'm not looking for sex. (Yep, you read right!) It seems all these ads are SEX NOW or super sappy ("let's walk on the beach"). Aren't there any REGULAR guys out there anymore?

Assuming you already checked my pict in the profile, I'm just your 24 year old decent+ looking "average joe" who's searching for someone who'll help bring out that bad boy who's trapped inside of him. Years of Methodist upbringing down south took their toll, but I'm ready to be a little more adventurous (in life). That said, and trying not to sound as sappy as the ads I just ridiculed, I need someone who understands where I'm coming from and who comes from somewhere somewhat similar. (That, boys and girls, is called "alliteration" ;-) Seriously, it's important to note, too, that I'm not really interested in hanging out with "sexually adventurous" guys. That's not the adventure of which I speak: If you've slept with someone whose name you didn't know, don't bother responding.

Hmm... not really sure what else to put here. I'd like to have someone to go see a movie, to have dinner with, to force me to be a little more "wild". I'd love to be the guy that's carefree enough to go camping and skinny dip in the river. I'd love to hang out the sunroof, sing karaoke in a crowded bar, or go two stepping at Oil Can Harry's (a gay cowboy bar in Studio City). Wanna drive, watch, or dance with me? *grin*

You've either gotta include a picture or an e-mail address to get a response, preferably both.


P.S. FWIW, I very much prefer guys with red or blonde eyebrows (usually seen on red heads or blondes (duh!)) and guys with pale skin, but I'm looking for friends as well as someone more. So as long as you're height/weight proportionate, around my age (18-34), and decent+ looking (*grin*), drop me a line and we'll take it from there.

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